Hunting has long been considered a lesson for the strong, fearless, weather-resistant men. Since childhood my father introduced to me traditionally male occupations, developed understanding where a man becomes a main supporter for family and those loved ones. Hunting – this is a manifestation of primitive instincts in terms of the harmony of nature and adrenaline rush that gives a psychological discharge, accumulates during the working days. Also forest air in combination with absolute peace and tranquillity gives a positive attitude and resulting in developing better state of health.



Fishing for every man ’ s a kind of tool to remove monolinoleate. Calm surface of water, the gentle rays of the rising sun, which, apparently, timidly disturb the morning twilight and dancing float on the background light haze – this picture is known, perhaps, to everyone. Fishing for me – it is a way to analyze their own thoughts in solitude, to make the right decisions without the bustle of the city and office walls. Fishing is incredibly easy not only to think and analyze the working points, as well as easily find a way out of difficult situations, aided by nature itself.


Collecting historical weapons

of Course, the passion for hunting implies interest in weapons, but I have this interest is developing in a different direction: collecting historical weapons. This lesson involves not only a lot of old weapons, and extensive knowledge in history, the mechanism and principle of operation of many types of weapons that had witnessed the fall and glory of our ancestors. Historical weapons – this is not just a collection of Antiques, this excursion into the past, the opportunity to touch and to plunge into the historical moments of the fighting for a moment to feel the power and strength of the battles of world history.



When the job is also Hobbies – a perfect combination, sought by many specialists in all branches of activity and development of mankind. I was lucky a little more than others – my work allows me not only to support his family in abundance, and brings me a lot of pleasure, pushing to new achievements, the implementation of new goals, opportunities of self-realization, to improve and expand their professional skills. My work – this is my contribution to the development of the self as a specialist, as well as the opportunity to convey to the public the necessary and useful information.